Weird, my tracker for this challenge seems to m.i.a.
Good thing my watch tracks things automatically....
My day off work. I’m a dietary cook in a long term care unit. It’s demanding and rewarding. But today I’ll be starting off with some quilting because my soul needs it.

Then I’ll go finish my mental check up with a quick 5k. Happy Friday Eve! #ZeeTheRedFox
Gym sesh! I hit the recumbent bike, elliptical, and weights. I know I’m just starting back after three months off because of moving. But dang! I’m disappointed in me. Lol! Happy Saturday y’all! Much love!
Laurent T.
The path is easy to get back on, you got this!
You are so strong, Tammy! Love it. Hope you are having a great weekend!
Donna S.
Great job getting back on track!


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