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Running Abroad

Hey everyone. This might be a long shot but I'm traveling to Italy later in the month and was wondering if anyone is aware of any running groups I could hook up with or safe places to run if I have to run on my own? I'll be doing early morning runs. Specifically looking at Rome, Naples and Venice. Thanks in advance!

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Run The Year medal hangers

Hi, does anyone have run the year medal hangers that are the “Single” for x1 medal, and x1 coin? I really really wanted to get 10 of them but they are sold out and will NOT be re-stocked. I have several “double” hangers if anyone wants to trade/and/or sell their singles please let me know. I have x4 singles and want 10 so I’m looking for 6 more… I will trade you my doubles PLUS make it worth your while!

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Tracking of steps

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with your steps being updated with the Run the Edge tracker? I have my watched synced to my Garmin/Garmin connect as well as the run the edge but my steps and miles have not been showing up or updating for the last week. Thank you!

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Older participants here?

Hi. This is my first time posting here and my 2nd time doing the year challenge. Anyone else here in their 60s and working on this?

I could use some inspiration and/or motivation help or responses from anyone here. I am almost to 500 miles so far this year, and will likely hit it before the end of March.

Thank you.

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Foot Problems

Of course, the day we start a streaker challenge, my foot acts up. Does anyone have advice for recurring issues with inner foot part of the arch? I have insoles and purchase new shoes when they start feeling less supportive. I have been an avid Brooks shoe wearer - I saw a podiatrist a little over a year ago and he said no Hokas but find something with a little cushion and a slight heel. Most days I have a slight pain in my foot and others I can barely walk. I'd rather not go back for another Cortisone shot since there was no real answer provided by the doc.

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Counting miles

I use an elliptical in conjunction with a treadmill when working out. I realize the edge challenge indicates the mileage accumulation is gained from walking, running and biking. Would it be acceptable to include the miles I gain on the elliptical in my total daily miles? The machine calculates that.

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Taking care of my feet

Hi Friends!
I’m a life long runner. I’m finding that in my 50s my feet ache more than they used to. They cramp a little during runs and are a little more sore afterwards.
Anyone have any good stretches or ideas for aching feet?
Thanks and blessings to you!