Made it to 1,100. Behind schedule due to an injury, so fingers are crossed that I can get back to the normal routine and catch up.
Cathy B. (1224212482)
I’m just a little bit ahead I got 1,100 on August 1st. But I had surgery in March. According to my stats if I get 6.06 miles a day I’ll make it to 2,023 by Dec 31st. I live in Western NY so I’d like to be way ahead of that before it snows!!!! You’re doing great! I hope your injury healed well. I’m sorry you had a serious injury but kudos to you for still going!!!
Mike H. (1305083906)
Thank you for the encouragement!
Cathy B. (1224212482)
We all need the encouragement! I’m always happy to give it!!! We’re all working towards the same goal. But those of us who have had greater challenges I like to give extra encouragement because I understand, I’m in the same boat!
Very exciting day! This momma just got a PR in a 5k pushing a double stroller and placed 3rd in her age group! 26:39 offical time!


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Cathy B. (1224212482)
That’s awesome! Congratulations!!
That is fabulous! Congratulations!!
That’s awesome congratulations


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